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Message From The Team

Finally the ghost of COVID 19 and the silent olympics which moved to 2021 became a distant memory as inbound travel recovered to pre 2020 levels. 2024 has started promisingly and we are excited to deliver great experiences to our customers.

For Tokyo Supercars we are focused on 4 key self-drive tours including the 30 and 60 minute city drive, stopping at picture perfect spots like Tokyo Tower, Shibuya crossing, Tatsumi Parking area and Gaienmae Shake Shack (not for the burgers!). 

Capture both a dream drive of your life as well as great company and tour guide leading you through the busy city streets. The Daikoku PA tour takes you to the best car meet spot in the world. Different days have different cars, but Daikoku is most famous for the JDM scene. Weekend mornings are more diversified with supercars, classic cars and more.

For the best real driving experience, the Hakone Drive combines the most stunning views with the most exhilarating driving roads Japan has to offer.

Our members-only car community club gives you access to more cars, better rates for rentals (you won’t need a guide in this case), and VIP transportation with logistics services. As well as other exclusive experiences such as private circuit lessons and other VIP transportation experiences (luxury yachts, helicopters and more).

Our team is on hand to support many services beyond our core rentals and tours, through our trusted partner network not limited to buying and selling cars, detailing and wrapping as well as basic services like Shaken (vehicle inspection). Please contact us if you have any needs that we can assist with.


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