Upcoming Events

  • White Day Supercar Experience
    Sat, Mar 12
    Shinjuku City
    Book one of our two white supercars this coming White Day with your special someone! Our brand new Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder and McLaren 720S will be exclusively available for short driving experiences starting from Hilton Tokyo in Shinjuku.
  • Indoor Go-Karting
    Sun, Feb 20
    Yamato Leisure Sports Plaza Big Bang
    We are planning on trying out a unique experience of an indoor circuit with slick carts! Various driving techniques are possible, including drifting.
  • Nostalgic 2 Days Classic Car Show
    Sat, Feb 19
    A few of us will be attending the annual classic car show in Yokohama, the Nostalgic 2 Days.