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Tokyo Supercars December Newsletter

New Arrivals To The Platform

We are excited to welcome the Nissan GT-R34, which arrived last week in the stunning Bayside Blue! The JDM market has exploded in the last 12 months, partially due to the surging inbound tourist volumes, but mostly due to the nostalgia around this era. The 25 year old car import rule for many cars within this category is near and in anticipation markets have reflected this with a jump in prices, lead by the R34. We feel privileged to have onboarded one and it is already receiving a lot of bookings. Also special thanks to the Fast & Furious franchise for the extra hype! It joins our Nissan GT-R35 Nismo, Nissan Fairlady Z34 Nismo, Nissan GT-R35 and Subaru S202 Impreza STi in our JDM category. Book early to avoid disappointment, it will be capped on the number of bookings available per month and is available only for self-drive tours or rentals in our private car membership club.

We also have a 2008 Nissan GT-R35 now available (it still moves pretty quick, although not quite as fast as our R35 Nismo). It is simultaneously available for sale and presents a great ROI opportunity. Contact us for more information if you are interested in purchasing this and renting it on the platform to generate side income (a recommended approach to pitch a new car purchase to your other half).

We are now at 45 cars listed on the platform. It’s been a long journey but we are proud of our collection, the diversity and the joy they bring to our customers and partners.


During this month we have a special promotion for the Audi R8, which is one of the best value cars on the platform in terms of raw performance and engine sound. Rentals and self-drive experiences will be priced at 20% off for this car! Contact us at for more information and to reserve now.

We are also promoting a special car rental + Fuji Speedway Hyatt Hotel package. If you book a car rental from the following choices - Nissan GT-R35 Nismo, Mclaren GT, Mercedes AMG G-Wagon Brabus, Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DB11 Volante or Lamborghini Huracan Spyder you shall receive a voucher for a one free night stay at the Fuji Speedway Hyatt Hotel. Contact us at for more information and to book reserve.

Upcoming Events

After a busy year and a record number of bookings for self-drive tours and rentals, we are active again in hosting and participating in various community events including circuit events at Fuji Speedway next weekend, in Nagano (on ice!) in January, followed by Tsukuba Circuit, and another visit to the Private Circuit / Country Club in Chiba. Event Details And Schedule

Featured Partners

  • Our friends at Tokyo Campervans will launch a special winter promotion campaign - ask us for a promotion code to access special rates on the Kago, Compass and Tama vans (20% off for "last minute" bookings).

  • Tokyo JDM Tours will be operating daily JDM Tours from Tokyo to famous car meet spots, tuning shops and car accessory stores. They plan to launch in December 2023!

  • Shogun Autosports has a garage located at Shin Kiba. They recently wrapped our Mclaren 720s with PPF as well as the door and rear wing in black! They do detailing services and repairs and modifications.

  • Hilton Tokyo have a special dinner plan with 10% off for the Tokyo Supercars community network at their award winning Metropolitan Grill restaurant.

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