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3 Reasons to Go for a Drive in the Winter

Winter is just around the corner and while many around the world prepare to put their supercars and special project cars to hibernation for the coldest months of the year, we take a look at three reasons why you should not do that in Japan, and instead go for a drive!

1. Driest season - December, January and February are the driest months in terms of precipitation in Tokyo in particular, and a typical winter's sunny day will reach 10-12 degrees between 12pm and 2pm. Perfect for some planned drives.

2. Less car overheating, more comfortable - Interestingly some of the most uncomfortable driving conditions are in July and August where the humidity in Japan is particularly challenging compounded by the heat coming from car engines.

3. Less busy on the roads - it's just harder to get out of bed in the winter and generally less outdoor activities are planned, as people tend to camp inside in the warm.


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