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We Regret Selling Our Nissan GTR NISMO

In August of 2018, we bought a 2015 Nissan GTR NISMO. The NISMO is a track focused version of the standard GTR featuring more power, less weight, stiffer suspension and chassis among many other race-inspired tweaks. The car was Metallic Grey of which a limited number were made.

Due to COVID, we decided to consolidate from five cars to three cars in February of 2020, and ended up selling the GTR for a mere ¥9.9 million. Now the car has shot up in price and there are currently no metallic grey ones available for sale. A few white NISMO GTRs with a slightly lower mileage are selling at around ¥22-27 million. That's an opportunity cost of ¥14 million.

Is it worth re-buying a NISMO GTR for future appreciation potential, or has that boat sailed already?


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