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The Cost of Owning a McLaren 720S in Tokyo

The main goal of our service is to create value in renting on demand versus ownership of a supercar. We break down the basic monthly costs of owning a McLaren 720S in Tokyo. Some items paid annually and bi-annually like the vehicle tax and shaken have been broken down to a monthly cost.

1. The loan principal and the loan interest. The principal is about ¥130,000 a month and the interest is ¥70,000. So in total, it’s ¥200,000 ($1,395).

2. Parking in a central location in Tokyo is around ¥40,000 ($280) per month.

3. Full insurance covering the value of the 720S is round ¥30,000 ($210) per month.

4. Shaken, which is a vehicle inspection and registration renewal costs around ¥66,000 per year or around ¥6,000 ($42) per month.

5. Annual vehicle tax is around ¥66,000 per year or around ¥6,000 ($42) per month.

6. A mandatory annual maintenance check-up is around ¥160,000 per year, and that’s if there’s nothing wrong with the car, which is about ¥14,000 ($100) per month. It includes an oil change and a general check-up on parts and cleaning.

All the costs totaled up, a McLaren 720S in Tokyo will set you back around ¥296,000 per month, or $2,070 at the current exchange rate. On demand through our platform, the McLaren 720S would cost ¥100,000 ($750) per day, allowing you to rent the car 3 times per month for the same amount it would cost to own it! On average we surveyed our supercar owners who actually use their own car between once and twice a month. Avoid the headaches of maintenance, depreciation, and of course parking in Tokyo can vary from 40,000-100,000 JPY. Finally our service gives you access to 25 different cars across 13 different brand manufacturers.

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