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Is the Maserati MC20 a Supercar? The Price Tag Suggests So!

In January 2020, you would be forgiven if Maserati was an automotive brand that generated little excitement for you. With not much more to offer other than an SUV, two sedans and a sports grand tourer, Maserati was never included in conversations discussing Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren.

This all changed in February 2020 when Maserati announced the MC20. Maserati labels it as “the first of its kind”, a “super sports car”. Maserati also claims that the 3.0L, 630-Horsepower V6 engine uses patented technology derived from F1 and is completely made in-house by Maserati. Visually, the car looked stunning in press release photos. So naturally, we did not even think twice when the opportunity came to go and check out this car in person right here in Japan.

We were invited by a business acquaintance to go take a closer look at the brand new MC20 at Maserati’s showroom in Meguro. Upon first sight from outside of the showroom, the MC20 attracted plenty of attention completely covered in the “Blu Infinito” paint option, butterfly doors fully open. This is the first Maserati to ever have butterfly doors.

The dealership staff kindly allowed us to get really close to the car and even sit inside. Though simple and simplistic in design, the quality of the interior materials was sublime, with a lot of carbon fiber and alcantara (well this was the most optioned version on display on that day).

For a final hurrah, one of the Maserati Meguro staff members also fired up the engine of the car to show us the sound the brand new V6 makes. To hear the engine, please take a look at our video below:

As of February 2022, there was only one Maserati MC20 on the roads of Tokyo. Maserati have a planned allocation of more to come for Japan - they quoted 50-100 allocations. The Maserati MC20 has a starting price of ¥26,640,000 for the base model, with a fully-optioned car setting you back close to ¥40,000,000.

That is quite a lot of money and it would beg the question - what else can I get for the same money? Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 720S Spider, and Ferrari 812 Superfast all come to mind. It comes in a few color options Blu Infinito (blue), Bianco Audace (white), Nero Enigma (black), Rosso Vincente (red), Giallo Genio (yellow) and Grigio Misterio (grey), with another option for the calipers and interior lining. Our favorite was the black with blue. There are also a few variations of wheel options, one resembling Lamborghini wheels dare we say, but that was our favorite also.

We are curious to know what you think of the Maserati MC20? Aside from what we researched is there anything you would rather have for the same money? You can check out more of the Maserati Meguro’s Blu Infinito MC20 here from the videos and images:


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