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Members-Only Private Circuit and Country Club

Imagine a fancy country club facility with a race circuit running straight through it. Welcome to the Magarigawa Club.

We recently took a tour of the Magarigawa Club circuit facility. It's under construction right now and here are 7 key facts about Magarigawa Club:

1. The circuit is just under 4KM in length and each lap time takes around 2 minutes.

2. There's a pit lane that runs through the center of the clubhouse. It's air conditioned and can fit up to 26 cars.

3. For those wanting to leave their cars at the property, there is a storage facility for over 300 cars.

4. The club caters for families. There's a gym, a few Michelin star restaurants, and there's even a small mountain for hiking.

5. There are two key types of memberships so far. Number one is a lifetime membership that can be traded on the open market. There's also a corporate membership that's more suited to companies where there's an initial fee to join and then an annual fee.

6. You can already sample the circuit on a simulator.

7. The coolest feature is the infinity pool, which oversees the main straight of the circuit and the surrounding nature.

Take a look at our video about the Magarigawa Club at the following link:


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