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McLaren 720S

Left hand drive

Rental Prices

6 Hour Rental

50 KM

12 Hour Rental

100 KM





Twin-Turbo 4.0L V8


24 Hour Rental

48 Hour Rental

250 KM


375 KM



Pick Up Location 

Hounancho Station
Suginami-ku, Tokyo

per additional kilometer


Security deposit required,
Insurance included,
Must be 26 years or older,
72 Hours advance booking required.

Since the MP4-12C debuted as the first road car in more than a decade, McLaren cars have evolved tremendously and we have now got our hands on one of the greatest - the 720S. Designed after a great white shark, the 720S is one of the best looking supercars out there right now. The white paint helps bring out all the carbon fiber parts and hidden vents, allowing it to truly appreciate the engineering behind this incredible machine. The car is sharp, light and nimble - put it into race mode and you will get a car that is faster than the McLaren P1 around some tracks. In normal mode, you will be forgiven if you forget you were in a 710 horsepower race car. The butterfly doors are fitted with optional glass tops for the extra flair. The only question that remains - is it fair to still call this a supercar or has it crossed the border into hypercar territory?

Self Drive Experience Price List

30 Minute Driving Experience

(20% OFF) ¥49,000

City Drive

(20% OFF) ¥83,000

Daikoku PA Driving Experience

(20% OFF) ¥145,000

Hakone Tour Experience

(20% OFF) ¥370,000

Dining & Drive


Helicopter & Drive Experience


Yacht & BBQ




Top Speed



Twin-Turbo 4.0L V8


7-Speed Automatic

car-insurance-5315 2.png

Insurance is included in the rental. You may use the included owner's insurance (consult the price), or you may use your personal insurance if it covers the value of the car.

download (1) copy.png

The mandatory security deposit for the rental is required (the price may vary depending on the car). The security deposit is fully refundable and is returned to you as soon as the car is brought back without any damage.


You must have a valid drivers license and international driving permit/JAF Translation in order to drive in Japan and book a car. We will request to see a scan or photo of each as a part of the booking process.


Bookings must be made at least 72 hours in advance, and payments must be processed 48 hours ahead.


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