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Life has
no speed limit


Life has
no speed limit


Life has
no speed limit


Life has
no speed limit


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Lamborghini Huracan Avio

Grade: A+ Top Speed: 321 km/h 0 - 100 km/h: 3.4sec

Perhaps the loudest looking car, and maybe the loudest engine also especially when you are downshifting and breaking. The limited edition huracan has a truly spectacular matt blue finish with a str...

Ferrari 458 Spider

Grade: A++ Top Speed: 317 km/h 0 - 100 km/h: 3.4sec

The last of the naturally aspirated V8s before the more compact and clean turbo 488 this is an iconic experience. For full effect the roof down and the engine roar is the preferred driving experien...

Ferrari F430 Spider

Grade: B Top Speed: 311 km/h 0 - 100 km/h: 4.1sec

One of the best looking Ferraris ever designed, amazing engine sound!

Ferrari California

Grade: B Top Speed: 310 km/h 0 - 100 km/h: 4.1sec

The easiest to drive Ferrari we have in the collection, front engine and a lot of fun!

Rolls Royce Wraith

Grade: A+ Top Speed: 294 km/h 0 - 100 km/h: 4.4sec

It feels like you are drifting through a cloud on a velvet cushion. The drive quality and suspension make this a truly relaxing experience. You almost want to drive slowly and elegantly. The naviga...

McLaren MP4 12C

Grade: A Top Speed: 320 km/h 0 - 100 km/h: 3.0sec

The best feature of this and the other McLaren supercars is without question the vertical doors. Next is the turbo which fires you forwards when it kicks in. Performance wise and chassis build wise...

Aston Martin Vantage V12

Grade: A Top Speed: 328 km/h 0 - 100 km/h: 3.8sec

In terms of top speed this is one of the fastest cars you can get on the road. Amazing engine sound from the NA 6.0 litre V12. The manual clutch is a lot of fun about you get used to it.

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What our Customers are Saying
about Tokyo Supercars


This event was my "almost first" experience to drive supercar and I could drive Ferrari 458 Spider! Since I was child, I've been dreaming of driving red Ferrari. So my dream finally came true! I was a bit nervous to drive it, but Tokyo Supercars staff was so kind and guided me how to drive. It was 15 min drive in the city. The air was cool there so that this 458 Spider was the best for the night! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, Tokyo Supercars! I would love to try other supercars in the future again!

Chieko Matsui

Its always a big day for a supercars lover when there is an event by tokyo supercarsI was able to drive supercars without any hesitation and worries ..Roaring sound of the engine and aerodynamic designs which at first seems difficult to handle but TKS has made it easy with their hospitality and friendly environment and step by step guidanceLooking forward to be the part of upcoming events ...

Faheem Ahmed

This was my first time on a track and it was a very intense and humbling experience, even in a Toyota 86. I've driven a lot of fast cars but never at their limits for such an extended period of time. With more practice I think it can help me improve my driving skills on the road and learn the art of drifting one day as well.

Aubrey Grossman

After experiencing diving events and car sharing with Tokyo Supercars Club (TSC) for a few times, I would like to highlight four elements that make TSC unique and an attractive choice for car lovers. Below is based on my research and past experiences. This is not a paid testimonial so this is a real opinion of mine.Firstly, a wide variety of supercars you can choose from. Nowadays there are multiple exotic cars rental services out there, but I have never seen any other services with wider varieties yet. I think TSC's cars lineup satisfies the exotic cars appetite of many car lovers! My son likes cars, too, so discussing "which one we want to drive next?" with my son is another fun moment, as well as the actual driving time!Secondly, a competitive pricing. Please do your own research of other services, and your will know what I'm saying. TSC's membership is still not a tiny investment (at least to me), but it's clearly much more realistic than owning supercars.One of the other points is events, including travel, circuit and social ones. Those events will take you to carefully hand-picked driving sites/routes that give you opportunities to experience the potential of those vehicles.Lastly, insurance coverage. Not all of those exotic cars rentals provide insurance coverage for damages. TSC provides insurance even in circuits, which I think is very unique.

Ren Ando

I joined Tokyo Supercars one month ago and I quickly learned that it’s more than just a bunch of car enthusiasts getting together to share their thoughts about the sound of the Ferrari 458 or the speed of the Mclaren 70S. This is a club where like-minded individuals can share their love of cars, business and lifestyle.I’ve met some great people through the different events that TSC organizes for members and anyone interested in driving or sharing their supercar(s) with other members through their car sharing program. I’ve also had the pleasure to be invited to other events in collaboration with TSC’s partners. These are great for discovering unique experiences such as, tasting delicious wine and getting the opportunity to chat with the wine maker himself; learn how to land a Boeing 777 in a complete and fully functional flight simulator; or take a drive in several different supercars for several days like the famous ‘Cannonball Run’.Wherever TSC takes their members, they always have an open mind and encourage sharing, networking, building and driving some of the worlds most sought after supercars. This makes TSC the most unique and influential club I’ve ever known in Tokyo; an ideal place to meet some great people. Thanks to everyone at TSC for enhancing my lifestyle and opening doors to the future.

Kyle Doctorelo