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Hakone Super Tour


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We provide lunch at Gora Kadan Onsen in Hakone.


  • Number of Supercars – 4
  • Driving Duration – 110 minutes
  • Driving Distance – 240km
  • Total Event Duration – 7.5 hours


We drive west via Tomei Expressway,the Mazda Turnpike and Mount Mikuni before arriving at Gora Kadan Hakone


  • 7:00 Meeting Time
  • 7:15 Safety Briefing
  • 8:00 Depart Ebisu
  • 12:00 Arrive Gora Kadan (Lunch)
  • 13:15 Depart Gora Kadan
  • 15:30 Arrive back to Ebisu

PRICING (PER PERSON, Inclusive of tax)

  • Bring your own car - free
  • Drive our supercars only - 129,600 yen
  • Lunch option (Gora Kadan Ryokan) + 8,640 yen

Entry qualifications

※Driving Licence
※Over Age30

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How It Works
Convoy Guided Experience

Do not overtake the lead car

  • Most of our experiences follow a convoy format with a lead and back car provided by Tokyo Supercars
  • Speed control maintained by the convoy
  • Communication between the lead and back car
  • Back car acts as a "rescue car" in the event of a breakdown
  • Multiple pit stops on route

Terms and Conditions

We start by having a safety explanation on the cars and the event. Every participant must sign a legal disclaimer and present their valid driving licence.

  • Do not overtake the lead car
  • When overtaking ONLY overtake on the outside lane
  • Do not go over the legal speed limit
  • Do not stay in low gears as this damages engine and gearbox
  • Do not go too close to the car in front of you (brake early)
  • Do not accelerate hard around corners (oversteer danger)
  • Be aware of other drivers and show courtesy
  • Do not eat in the cars. Water is ok but no coffee or drinks that can stain the seats
  • Do not rev the engine in the car park or outside the building
  • Do not cause an accident otherwise you will go to jail
  • Zero alcohol tolerance
  • Valid Driving licence must be provided to enter the event
  • Drivers must be 26 years old or over
  • Use mirror to stay centered
  • Stay close to white line in middle of road
  • If you are too far right the rescue car will inform you by waving or flashing
  • Be careful at toll booth, drive slowly
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