Supercar Dining Experiences

Here are our top 3 recommendations for restaurants in Tokyo which cater to supercars with either valet or covered parking options – whether you are planning a date, anniversary, birthday or business meeting they will leave a lasting memory and positive experience!

Ruby Jack's Steakhouse & Bar (Roppongi)

Whilst located in Ark Hills South Tower we actually recommend that you park in the north tower parking because the south tower only has parking machines which do not cater to supercars. It’s a short walk across the bridge walkway. Great hamburg lunch set, the soup and bread alone you can feast on for hours! Otherwise it’s all about the red meat… Finally the dessert – the cheese cake is one of the best in Tokyo. That good, really. 

Garb Restaurant Cafe (Marunouchi, Tokyo)

It’s all about rocking up and parking directly out front, where there are 7 or 8 outdoor tables. This means you can sit 5 metres away from your parked car and enjoy the outdoor dining experience whilst passers by crowd around the car and take pictures! Be ready to jump in the car and drive around the block though if the police come, it’s not official parking. Although a fun part of the experience and worth it! Food wise a lot of good choices but the pasta and pork mains were my favorite. The lunch set is pretty reasonable. 

Hilton Tokyo (Odaiba)

It’s all about the view, especially from Grillogy or Seascape Terrace and Dining which have spectacular views of Rainbow Bridge especially at sunset. My favourite of the 4 restaurants has to be Seascape because of the dessert buffet which is particularly worth the drive across Rainbow Bridge. The parking gives you super convenient access directly to the restaurant floors.