McLaren 720S
McLaren 720S

McLaren 720S

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The McLaren 720S is current Super Series flagship of the British brand’s line-up, effectively replacing the old 650S. Featuring an all-new body design made from superformed aluminium with gullwing doors and lots of concealed vents and ducts for a smooth appearance – apart from the signature ‘eye socket’ headlamp-cum-air intakes.



エンジン : V8, Twin-Turbo
エンジン搭載位置 : Mid-Engine
排気量 : 4000cc
最⼤出⼒ : 710bhp @ 7,500rpm
最⼤トルク : 568lb ft @ 5500rpm
トランスミッション: 7速AT
車両重量 : 1,437kg
0-100km/h 加速 : 2.9秒
最高速度 : 340km/h