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Revenue Is Up 30% YoY!

We have been busy since Spring with events, new cars and an increase in rental bookings and experiences. One highlight was the spring golf tournament, which got great feedback mainly because of the diverse members (and the champagne & tequila), sandwiched by two afternoon tea and drive events at the Shangri La and Park Hyatt respectively. Cornes have been busy and we were privileged to join their Rolls Royce award event in Tokyo for having the number one sales office globally last year, as well as visiting their Magarigawa circuit construction site, which is planned for completion in Spring 2023. This will one of the most unique circuit & country club experiences in the world. Contact us if you want more information. We hosted a drive and pool experience at the Sheraton Tokyo Bay, and last week joined a 2 day rally with our friends at World X Series Rally Japan, Tokyo-Myoko with some great mountain roads. We have one more official summer event, another golf tournament planning for late August in Saitama, check out our upcoming event schedule here.

We are currently at 25 cars on our platform with 12 supercars and spring saw us get access to a new Lamborghini Aventador giving us a more diverse lineup. Speaking of classics we have the Alpha Romeo Montreal, the Citroen SM, and featured on the recent rally the classic rally car itself the Impreza S202 STI, all stick shift and a great contrast to the supercar lineup. We had a few commercial photo shoot bookings too over the past few months. We are always looking for new cars, supercars and classics to add to the lineup. If you know anyone who might be open to sharing their supercar please let us know.

We are in final testing of our members booking platform that will help our team manage enquiries and bookings more efficiently and effectively. We will start with just using it internally and from September gradually open this up to members for testing. Eventually the platform could develop to evolve into adding partners and non-car experiences also.

Overall our business is up 30% YoY in terms of revenue (H1 of 2021 vs 2022), but to consider the bigger picture we are still only at 30% of our 2019 monthly revenue pre-COVID. We are still committed to providing our members with great access and experiences with luxury cars and are looking to scale and grow further.

Finally we are hiring! A Sales & Marketing Director who can firstly review and build upon our current experience offering and then help us grow our membership base.


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