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Replacing the Rolls-Royce Phantom

We are looking at 3 options to replace the Phantom. The two main criteria for choosing this replacement is something desirable and exciting for our members, but this time we want something special that could maintain or increase in value.

Option 1 - the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. Only around 1,600 F430 Scuderias have been made and it’s one of the coolest, best sounding Ferraris ever. The average F430 Scuderia in Japan is currently around 26M yen, or $195,000 US Dollars.

Option 2 - the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. This is one of those cars that feels like it could be bottoming out in terms of price - the paintwork is amazing, it holds incredible road presence and it has one of the best sounding V12 engines of all time producing a difficult to handle 730HP. It’s very front heavy.

Option 3 - the BMW Z8. There are currently only two Z8’s for sale in Japan. Currently, the cheapest one is 30 million yen, or $230,000 US Dollars. A painful fact - 3 years ago, we were looking into buying a Z8 and they were about ¥16M yen, which means they have nearly doubled in price.

Which one of these cars do you think we should get? Have we missed any other options at this price range? Let us know in the comments.


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