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What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing follows the shared economy concept of sharing a personal car with another individual. As a supercar owner you can use our platform to access members who are thoroughly screened to trust that your car is not being used by anyone. Owners can be selective as to which members have access to their cars. Value membership gives members points which can be used in exchange for car sharing, as well as experiences and access to our partner’s services. No “WA” number plates.Individual and Corporate membership levels available. Membership requires s strict screening process and eligibility applies. Japan residents and license holders only.

Why is there a screening process?

The objective of our screening process is:
1) Safety:
The supercars on our platform are high performance and some of the most powerful cars you can drive on the road. In careless hands they can suffer damage or cause damage resulting in significant impact on health and safety of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Not to mention the implications on legal and social costs, to the point of criminal cases being filed.
2) Commitment to our Brand & Lifestyle:
Our car sharing program represents the most prestigious luxury and high performance supercars on the planet. Our partnerships with like minded brands creates a lifestyle opportunity to network and consume goods and services of an eloquent taste. Our screening allows us to maintain and live up to the core of this lifestyle brand. More than simply driving supercars our club provides our members with a lifestyle and networking opportunity to meet like minded individuals. Current members are typically successful business owners, salary men and entrepreneurs. We have an international mix of profiles that we are proud of.

What is the screening process?

Attend a TS event

Prospective members must attend at least one TS event or seminar. This gives us a base understanding of your character and driving ability. Both of these points are crucial in our assessment for your fit for the car sharing club.

Complete TS Interview

You must meet with at least two of the TS team and complete a basic interview. Basic information such as occupation, frequency of use and experience preference shall help our overall assessment of your fit for the club.

Pass Background Screening

We carry out the following checks for all members:
- Criminal check and association to mafia
- Credit rating
- Identity & residence proof

Pricing - On Demand vs Value Membership?

This option gives you the flexibility and freedom to use our service at your discretion with no points, but instead a per usage basis payment. You get priority to our various experiences.
As well as price value you receive flexibility in terms of additional drivers (subject to passing screening). Points can be exchange for car sharing, experiences as well as services from our partners.

Join the Tokyo Supercars lender program and share your supercar on our exclusive platform,
accessing our pre-screened members for car sharing. Sharing is rewarded with payment or
points that can be used to access other services within Tokyo Supercars or cashed out.
• Lender must pass the TS screening process including an interview, valid vehicle shaken,
car registration and insurance coverage
• Insurance must meet criteria set by TS, alternatively lender can use TS insurance partner
• Car must meet the brand and specification requirements to pass as a Tokyo Supercar
lender car – Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mclaren, Bentley,
Maserati, Mercedes or BMW
• TS holds right to place lender applications on waiting list depending on the supply of
specific cars or overall number

How do I become a Lender?

Lender Membership / Service Fees

Basic – Monthly Subscription Fee of 5000 yen, 15% Management Fee. Owners and members communicate directly after initially connecting via TSC platform and arrange pick up and drop off directly. All documents are downloadable and must be submitted to TSC electronically. Premium – Monthly Subscription Fee of 10,000 yen, 30% Management Fee. TSC manages communication on behalf of owners and members, operating the sharing reservation process end to end including documentation. Car must be dropped off and picked up at TS office, Ebisu Garden Place before and after reservation period. Elite – Monthly Subscription Fee of 30,000 yen, 50% Management Fee. TSC manages communication on behalf of owners and members, operating the sharing reservation process end to end including documentation. TSC provide pick up and drop off from owner location of choice within central Tokyo (restrictions apply), alternatively can provide support for long term parking. The cost of the parking is borne by the owner however this is deductible if the management fee in a given month exceeds the parking cost. TSC will clean car after each share day or event complimentary of charge. Please note the monthly subscription fee will be wavered as long as the management fee sum exceeds the subscription fee sum within that month. The monthly service fee shall also trigger monthly “owners points” which can be redeemed in the owner to owner sharing program or for TSC events. Events – All owner members are eligible to supply their car for events upon request and acceptance. Depending on the car model, year and KMs owners can receive x yen (+x% markup) per KM for supplying their car to an event. Owners can join the event itself (discount fees apply) or they can supply their car only. Pick up and drop off at Ebisu car place before and after an event applies depending on membership type.

Lender Criteria

• Profile – Lenders must complete minimum profile to register including car specs, legal documentation and pictures. TS can arrange professional photography of car upon request • Availability – Lenders have the right to accept or refuse bookings at their discretion within certain rules without penalty. • Preset Rules – upon registration lenders must choose booking availability from options – 6 hour 50km, 12 hour 50km, 12 hour 100km, 12 hour 200km, 24 hour 350km and weekends (hours and kms can be negotiated). Lenders can also select what member types (standard, silver, gold, black) and languages (English & Japanese) they can accept. • Price – Lenders can only set prices within the boundaries set by TS • Fees – follow lender types, detailed on previous slide. • Booking Process – Members make booking enquiries via the online booking form or via phone • Booking Enquiry Support – Premium & Elite sharing lenders receive booking support from TS customer support agent. Basic sharing lenders must handle booking themselves. • Response time – Lenders are expected to respond to enquiries within 24 hours. Average historical response time will be displayed on the lender profile. • Instant Booking – this option allows members to book instantly if lenders allow. • Rating – determined by number of transactions, response rate, and member reviews

Lender to Lender Sharing

• Lenders will get an evaluation for their car upon registration and assigned a lender user group e.g. A++, A+, A, B (in the future we can scale down further). For example A++ (e.g. Aventador), A+ (e.g. Huracan Avio), A (e.g. Vantage V12), B (e.g. Jaguar F-Type) • Lenders can access other lenders under a special lender value membership (coming soon) • Lenders can buy points or accumulate through their monthly subscription, or from member sharing. These points can be used for events (same as members points) Lender / Member Social Hour TS will host monthly social hours with lenders and members to network and meet other lenders and members

Lender Seminars

TS will host seminars with the following contents: • Introduction to the Tokyo Supercars Lender Program • Eligibility • Lender Types / Service Fees – including sharing vs events • Insurance Overview • Buying and selling a used supercar • Asset Depreciation for business owners & independent contractors • Depreciation calculator • Dealer Recommendations • Auction Process

Car Sharing - How it Works?