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Starting at:
¥107,000 (tax incl.)
6 Hours / 50 kilometers included,
¥500 per additional kilometer,
Security deposit required,
Insurance included,
Must be 26 years or older,
72 Hours advance booking required.
(3.6L, V8)
Pick up location:
Shinagawa Station,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Ferrari Challenge Stradale Rental

The Ferrari Challenge Stradale is a stripped out, louder, faster version of the 360 Modena. It is heavily inspired by the Challenge race car of the time, with racing seats and plexi-glass windows. This all amounts to a 110 kilogram weight loss to go along with the extra 20 horsepower to beat its main rivals - the Gallardo and 911 GT3. Parts derived from Ferrari's Formula 1 development also make its way onto the Challenge Stradale, including carbon ceramic brakes and a significant increase in downforce.


Top Speed

Naturally Aspirated 3.6L V8

6-Speed Paddle Manual

Challenge Stradale
Insurance is included in the Ferrari Challenge Stradale rental. You may use the included owner's insurance (¥500,000 deductible), or you may use your personal insurance if it covers the value of the car.
The mandatory security deposit for the Ferrari Challenge Stradale rental is ¥500,000. The security deposit is fully refundable and is returned to you as soon as the car is brought back without any damage.
You must be 26 years or older and hold a valid Japanese driver's license or International Driver's Permit for the Ferrari Challenge Stradale rental. Manual transmission license is not required.
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