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Naigel Track Day at Suzuka Circuit


We are excited to be announce that Tokyo Supercars will be attending the Naigel Track Day at Suzuka Race Circuit on September 16th 2019. If you would like to rent a car to run on the day, Tokyo Supercars has a race-prepared car that we can provide. 

Please sign up for this event at

(*We would be happy to assist if you are unable to complete the application form in Japanese)


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  • Date: 9/16 Monday (Public Holiday)

    Location: Suzuka Circuit

    8:00  |  Registration
    8:45  |  Driver's meeting (we would have to translate)
    10:30-12:30  |  (You can chose two hours or one hour session)

    Facebook event page: 

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How It Works
Convoy Guided Experience

Do not overtake the lead car

  • Most of our experiences follow a convoy format with a lead and back car provided by Tokyo Supercars
  • Speed control maintained by the convoy
  • Communication between the lead and back car
  • Back car acts as a "rescue car" in the event of a breakdown
  • Multiple pit stops on route

Terms and Conditions

We start by having a safety explanation on the cars and the event. Every participant must sign a legal disclaimer and present their valid driving licence.

  • Do not overtake the lead car
  • When overtaking ONLY overtake on the outside lane
  • Do not go over the legal speed limit
  • Do not stay in low gears as this damages engine and gearbox
  • Do not go too close to the car in front of you (brake early)
  • Do not accelerate hard around corners (oversteer danger)
  • Be aware of other drivers and show courtesy
  • Do not eat in the cars. Water is ok but no coffee or drinks that can stain the seats
  • Do not rev the engine in the car park or outside the building
  • Do not cause an accident otherwise you will go to jail
  • Zero alcohol tolerance
  • Valid Driving licence must be provided to enter the event
  • Drivers must be 26 years old or over
  • Use mirror to stay centered
  • Stay close to white line in middle of road
  • If you are too far right the rescue car will inform you by waving or flashing
  • Be careful at toll booth, drive slowly
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