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Whether it is a Supercar Social event or a track day at Fuji Speedway, Tokyo Supercars is regularly making new events, or involved in already existing events. This is a list of all upcoming events by Tokyo Supercars and events we will be attending.

CV Drive

Club Velocita Bay Drive
(January 17, 2020)

We will take a drive out to Tatsumi PA, then park up at Hilton Tokyo Bay for some snacks and refreshments. Club members welcome!

Fuji Speedway

Fuji Speedway Circuit Session
(January 24, 2020)

We will be going to Fuji Speedway on January 24th to do a few circuit sessions - we can help you get your FISCO license and you can join us! Car rentals and transportation available.

World X 200Mile

World X Series 200 Mile Saturday
(February 1, 2020)

This first event of 2020 will be hosted on the 18th of January, from DaikukoFuto to Chiba via Kamogawa, a route, offering drivers the experience to trial a one day World X Series Rally adventure.

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