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Whether it is a Supercar Social event or a track day at Fuji Speedway, Tokyo Supercars is regularly making new events, or involved in already existing events. This is a list of all upcoming events by Tokyo Supercars and events we will be attending.

Club Velocita Family Event

Club Velocità Family Social
(August 24, 2019)

Join us for a buffet lunch with drinks included at Tokyo American Club on Saturday August 24th. This is a family-focused event, so please feel free to bring little ones of all ages!

CV Osaka Social

Club Velocità Osaka Social Hour
(August 31, 2019)

The first Club Velocità Social Hour to be held in Osaka. We looking forward to expanding our membership in the Kansai region

Excape Suzuka

Excape Suzuka Circuit Simulator
(September 5, 2019)

We are only 5 weeks away from our trip to Suzuka to experience the famous F1 circuit. To make the experience more safe and enjoyable we are hosting a simulator event at ExCape Yoyogi in order to practice the circuit line and braking points.

Tokyo Night Drive

World X Series Opening Party
(September 12, 2019)

As the opening night to the second World X Rally Japan of 2019, join us for an epic night-life party in Tokyo to get to know everyone ahead of the big rally!

Tokyo Night Drive

World X Series Tokyo Night Drive
(September 13, 2019)

As the opening night to the second World X Rally Japan of 2019, this event is just a hint to what is to come on the rally itself! Join us for an extraordinary convoy drive and meet some extraordinary people of the automotive world!

World X

World X Series Rally Japan
(September 14~16, 2019)

This epic four-day event in late Summer 2019 will do a complete loop of central Japan starting and finishing in Tokyo. In true World X spirit, this adventure of a lifetime will experience some epic Japanese scenery, roads, cars and hospitality.

Naigel Suzuka

Naigel Track Day at Suzuka Circuit
(September 16, 2019)

Tokyo Supercars will be attending the Naigel Track Day at Suzuka Race Circuit. Join us on the track with your own car, or rent a race-prepped car from Tokyo Supercars.

Fuji Main Session

Fuji Speedway Main Circuit Session
(September 27, 2019)

A few of us will be heading to Fuji Speedway for some morning circuit driving! Please note this is not an official Tokyo Supercars event. You must have a valid FISCO drivers licence in order to drive on the track.

Daikoku Tatsumi Drive

Daikoku & Tatsumi Drive
(September 29, 2019)

Details to be announced soon!

October Social

Riviera Resort Social Event
(October 31, 2019)

Details to be announced soon!

Skyart Social

Sky Art Social Event
(November 2019)

Details to be announced soon!

Hakone Drive

Hakone Drive
(December 2019)

Details to be announced soon!

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