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It feels like you are drifting through a cloud on a velvet cushion. The drive quality and suspension make this a truly relaxing experience. You almost want to drive slowly and elegantly. The navigation system and sound system are much better than any other car in the lineup which makes long journeys much more comfortable.
The drone like parking assisted cameras make the size concerns of the Wraith in the city less of an issue. Whilst the mantra that a Rolls is the car to be driven in the coupe and angry black rims on this change that. Maybe this has the most road presence out of the entire lineup and of course the adult fitting rear seats make this the most comfortable 4 seater that we have.

Technical Specs

Engine : V12, Twin-Turbo
Engine layout : Front-Engine
Displacement : 6600cc
Max power : 620bhp @ 5600rpm
Max torque : 590lb ft @ 1500rpm
Transmission:Eight-speed ZF Automatic
Weight : 2,440 kg
0-100km : 4.4sec
Top speed : 294 km/h
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294 km/h

Top speed



620bhp @ 5600rpm

Max power

590lb ft @ 1500rpm

Max torque

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