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Perhaps the loudest looking car, and maybe the loudest engine also especially when you are downshifting and breaking. The limited edition huracan has a truly spectacular matt blue finish with a striking white line through the car. The 4 wheel drive gives you a lot of grip and power. Overall a great looking car!

Technical Specs

Engine : V10
Engine layout : Mid-Engine
Displacement : 5204cc
Max power : 610bhp @ 8250rpm
Max torque : 413lb ft @ 6500rpm
Transmission:Seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox with paddleshift
Weight : 1,650 kg
0-100km : 3.4sec
Top speed : 321 km/h
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321 km/h

Top speed



610bhp @ 8250rpm

Max power

413lb ft @ 6500rpm

Max torque

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