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Tokyo Supercars & Dokoni 
Valentine's Day Campaign

Make this Valentine's Day extra special with our limited exclusive complimentary offer! Treat your loved one to a romantic meal courtesy of Dokoni and Armani Ristorante after a thrilling ride in a Mclaren. 

Register now for your chance to win the experience and make this Valentine's Day one to remember forever!

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Tokyo Supercars is a guided tour experience provider with 25+ supercars based in Tokyo.

Dokoni is the best application to help you find your favorite restaurants in Japan. They have partnered with Tokyo Supercars to provide a lunch at Armani Ristorante Ginza

Drive Details

Total Duration
30 Minutes
Drive Time
20 Minutes
Total Distance
10 KM

McLaren 720S - Designed after a great white shark, the 720S is one of the best looking supercars out there right now.

The car is sharp, light and nimble - put it into race mode and you will get a car that is faster than the McLaren P1 around some tracks. In normal mode, you will be forgiven if you forget you were in a 710 horsepower race car. The butterfly doors are fitted with optional glass tops for the extra flair. 


- Drive from Hilton Tokyo to Ginza and back

- International or Japanese license eligible for drivers

- Age 26+ for drivers

- Insurance fully included

- These are guided tours so a professional guide will be assigned to your tour to ensure safety and peace of mind

- Gas and toll fees are included in the price

- All cars are automatic (AT) meaning that manual stick (MT) experience is NOT required

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How to Participate

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Follow the Instagram Page @tokyosupercarskk
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