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Taste of Premium
Dining & Driving Experience

Get behind the wheel of your favorite supercar for a two-part experience, including the supercar drive and a dining experience at one of our partner restaurants. 


 Our first stop of the evening is at Tokyo Tower where you will have a photo opportunity with the famous landmark and chosen supercar. Tokyo Supercars will provide a photographer or the photos can be taken with your phone.

The second part of the evening includes a drive to one of our partner restaurants located inside Hilton Tokyo Bay or Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay - your choice!

On the way back, we will stop by the infamous Tatsumi Parking Area and continuing on a wonderful drive down Tokyo's smooth highways.


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Customer Feedback

"The process of signing up, paying is simple and easy...Marko was very responsive to all queries. The 458 Ferrari was awesome. Drove from near Shibuya to Hilton Bay near Disney Land for dinner stopping on the way at Tokyo tower for photos."

- K U Nachappa. 

Dining & Supercar Driving Experience in the Ferrari 458 Spider

Car Options

Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.1) - 

¥150,000 > ¥120,000

McLaren 720S - 

Ferrari 458 Spider - 

Ferrari 488 Spider - 

¥150,000 > ¥120,000

¥130,400 > ¥104,320

¥150,000 > ¥120,000

Rolls-Royce Phantom - 

¥119,600 > ¥95,680

Ferrari FF - 

¥119,600 > ¥95,680

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