Drift Lesson, Chiba Circuit Experience

Drift Lesson, Chiba Circuit Experience

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¥150,000〜(税込) Tax included
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Mobara Drifting Experience

Drift Car Included

Insurance included

Gasoline included

 Helmet & Gloves Included

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Automatic Transmission

Drift Circuits

Track Length

2.5 - 4.8 KM


11 - 16

Drift Record 

15 M

Some things you just can't do on regular roads

Tokyo Supercars proudly presents our drifting lesson program. This is suitable for all levels, and beginners are welcome.

We will take you through a journey of the basics of car control, how the differential settings can help your car reach the spin and slide effect and how this translates to driving safely around a circuit and even the roads. Drifting is all about grip - when your back tires lose grip relative to your front tires you get oversteer and the back of the car slides out. Drifting is basically controlled oversteer!

Our program designed in 2 parts on the same day:

Morning session starts at the Minami Chiba Circuit which allows you to practice drifting in circles (doughnuts) around a cone, as well as a more advanced laid out course.  Afternoon session takes place at the Mobara Twin Circuit where you can either get your own annual license or pay per 15 minute session. Here we will continue to practice the art of car control


We can also organize an optional go-karting session to help you learn the track even better!