What's TSC?

Tokyo Supercars (TSC KK) was founded by a team with an authentic passion for supercars. Our aim is to build a community of Supercar enthusiasts in Tokyo, and enable them to experience driving some of the worlds greatest high performance sport cars in a fun but safe environment. We take our customers through a journey of discovery, education and excitement; in the city, countryside and on racing circuits. Our services range across experiences, car sharing, rental, corporate incentives and partnerships.

Our Services


Guided experiences for Supercar enthusiasts in the city, countryside, to the golf course and on racing circuits. Individual and group bookings possible including bookings from overseas. Events cater according to driving experience level, corporate or individual packages available.


Car sharing follows the shared economy concept of sharing a personal car with another individual. As a supercar owner you can use our platform to access members who are thoroughly screened to trust that your car is not being used by anyone. Owners can be selective as to which members have access to their cars. Value membership gives members points which can be used in exchange for car sharing, as well as experiences and access to our partner’s services. No “WA” number plates.Individual and Corporate membership levels available. Membership requires s strict screening process and eligibility applies. Japan residents and license holders only.


Corporates host internal employees for incentives as well as client partners. Tours can be customized for specific needs but follow the same format as our experiences offerings

What are the benefits of car sharing?


High end supercar lineup – we associate with only the most prestigious brands

Value membership allows sharing and experience at excellent value with more choice and variation than owning your own supercar

Strict screening process only allows exclusive members into the club to create a safe environment

What is the application process to become a Member?


Click below and fill out the enquiry form


Tokyo Supercars staff will contact you by email / phone


Screening Process includes attending at least 1 event, interview and background check


Decide on your membership type and sign our terms and conditions.

How does Insurance Work?

Insurance is Included in the price for experiences and car sharing. In the event of an accident during use, the following compensation is covered:

 Bodily injuryUnlimited per person (including automobile liability insurance) 
 Property damage Unlimited per accident [cost of JPY 50,000 covered by customer
 Car damage Up to the actual value per accident
[cost of JPY 500,000 covered by customer (deductible)]
 Physical disability Up to JPY 50,000,000 per person*
1. Should damage occur to a vehicle, due to accident or emergency, when using the Owner’s car insurance, the Car Sharing Member shall pay deductibles of 300,000 yen and a vehicle depreciation cost of 200,000 yen, or a total amount of 500,000 yen. If a Car Sharing Member uses their own car insurance to cover the cost of repairs , they shall pay no charge for deductibles and only pay the vehicle depreciation cost of 200,000 yen to the Owner.
2. If a supercar cannot be used due to an accident or in the unlikely event of a problem, the Car Sharing Member shall pay 10,000 yen per day to the Owner.
3. In the event that the supercar becomes a total loss due to an accident or trouble, and the police report determines the cause to be gross misconduct, a maximum of 2 million yen shall be paid to the owner. 4. Other charges in the event of an accident are as listed below. 5. In the event of an accident caused by a Car Sharing Member, the Car Sharing Member is responsible for damage to the supercar, third parties or the property of third parties, or to themselves. The damage amount not covered by insurance, shall be paid by the Car Sharing Member either with their own insurance policy or by a direct payment to the Owner. The Car sharing Member agrees not to inconvenience TSC and Owners in any way whatsoever. In addition, any damage that falls under the insurance disclaimer (below) subscribed by the Owner shall be borne by the Car Sharing Member.

Instances Not Covered by Insurance

• The accident is not reported to the police (there is no accident report)
• Accidents occurring when someone other than the applicant at the time of
departure is driving
• Accidents occurring while driving without a driver’s license
• Accidents occurring while driving under the influence of alcohol
• Accidents occurring while driving during an extended period of usage
without permission
• Violation of other items listed in the sharing agreement or disclaimer, etc.
Example: Theft of the vehicle while the key is in it
• The amount of damage that is not covered or paid for by the
compensation above shall be covered by the customer.
• Insurance does not cover any accidents specified by the disclaimers in the
insurance agreement. Insurance may also not cover accidents for which
an accident report has not been issued by a police officer.


Safety is our highest priority and all of our cars are equipped with GPS, radar detectors, and video recording. We are also the main sponsor for a Japan based zero accident forum which promotes safe driving in Japan.


In an emergency please follow the following procedures;
1. Accident:
• In the case of an accident however minor please take the following measures: First collect yourself and then look around to determine what you should do.
Contact the police by calling the number 110, and describe the accident and its location (without a police report officially the insurance claim will be invalid).
If anyone is injured, call the number 119 to summon an ambulance.
You must call the police even in the case of a minor accident. Contact the police (119) and be sure to inform the police if you have had an accident.
• Contact TSC representative Mr Yusuke Takeda who looks after all TSC insurance related issues. He is available at 080-2065-0871.
• Do not leave the site of the accident unless you have to for medical treatment or to escape danger. Never hit and run.
Car Breakdown
• In case of car trouble of any sort, stop the car at a safe and permitted location making sure you, others and the car are safe from traffic related danger.
• Call TSC partner Mr Yusuke Takeda at 080-2065-0871 or TSC Operation team Mr Ricky at 090-3962-9761. They will contact
the appropriate rescue and mechanical support for you. They will guide you on what to do next.


> Allow the engine and engine oil heat up before you rev the car above 3000 revs. This usually requires 20mins of calm
driving in automatic mode
> To avoid scratching the front scratch front spoiler always engage the use suspension lifting system in car parks, steep
locations and over speed bumps.
> Make sure you you are centred on the highway to avoid scratching the alloys
> There is no drinking or eating allowed in the car. Food/drink stains can damage the interior fabric. Consumption of
alcohol before or during driving is a criminal offense and will be prosecuted.
> operating a Celluar phone or any other device that can distract from driving is strictly prohibited.
> Prepare your ETC card and do not forget to extract it
> Do not put the car in the high-performance driving mode and do not switch off the traction control system. The
computer system in the car is programmed to track all mode changes. In the case of an accident the police may extract
this information from the computer system.
> Car sharing members agree not to take any vehicles on a circuit and not to drive in an overly aggressive manner.
Aggressive driving will wear down the tires and brakes and can cause serious damage to the engine and gearbox. We
will charge such damages to the user who causes the damage.
> Please note that this car is equipped with a GPS tracking system so the location of the car is known to TSC at all times.
>Please note that the car has a camera that is recording the interior and exterior of the car at all times. This will be used
by TSC as and when needed to prove negligence, non following or rules and guidelines of driver if needed.
> Car sharing members agree to drive the car in a responsible manner. The safety off the car and other drivers on the
road should be the primary concern of the car sharing member.


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4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-6018 Japan

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